Wham! Jam! Slam! Basketball Rules

3rd - 4th Grade Rules

Coaches, please review all the rules with your parents prior to the season beginning.

Only one coach is allowed off the bench at a time.

High School Rules used other than variations listed on our rule sheet.

The game will consist of four 8 minute running quarters. The clock stops for time-out and injuries.

Basket height: 3rd - 4th grade girls 9 ft.
  3rd grade boys 9 ft.
  4th grade boys 10 ft.
Ball size : 3rd - 4th grade girls Intermediate
  3rd grade boys Intermediate
  4th grade boys Intermediate
The game will start at the top of the hour. Scores will be kept. Score sheets must be filled out and each team must supply one adult for the score table. Score keepers will also keep track of the number of personal and team fouls. Score table volunteers may not be active participants during the games, violators will be asked to leave the gym.

All players must play at least half of each game.

Players who aren't at practice or have disipline problems may, at the coach's discretion, not get to play half of the game. Parents must be notified, before the game begins, by the coach as to why their child may not play half of the game.

Two time outs per half.

No free throws will be taken. A player that is fouled during the act of shooting will receive 1 point and the ball out of bounds. If the basket is made, they will receive 3 points and the defensive team gets the ball out of bounds.

After a player's 5th personal foul, they will not be allowed to play the remainder of the game.

Double dribble and traveling violations will be enforced.

No double teaming, "help defense" is allowed and may create a double team scenario for a short moment. After the offensive player is picked up by his assigned defensive player, other defensive player that "helped" must return to his own offensive player.

Shot blocking is allowed with the defensive players arms in a "straight up" position - no leaning or slapping forward to the ball.

The defense can not pick up the ball handler until they reach half court. Only the last 2 minutes of each half can the team play full court pressure.

Five second lane violations will be called.

Please coaches, emphasis more on defense than stealing!!!.

Absolutely NO ZONE!!!

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