Wham! Jam! Slam! Basketball Rules

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Rules

The game will consist of four 8 minute running quarters. The clock stops for time-outs and injuries.

Coaches may be on the floor for Kindergarten and 1st Grade. Coaches remain at the player's bench for 2nd Grade.

Basket height will be 8 feet.

Basketball size is "youth".

The game will start with a jump ball.

Two time-outs per half.

Kindergarten - NO STEALING

All players must play at least half of each game.

Players who aren't at practice or have disipline problems may, at the coach's discretion, not get to play half of the game. Parents must be notified, before the game begins, by the coach as to why their child may not play half of the game.

The referees will be qualified to make the game a fun learning experience for the children.

The referee will stop play if there is a foul. The ball will be taken out of bounds. No free throws will be shot. The number of fouls on a player will not be kept, but the referee may ask a player to sit down for a short period of time if he is constantly fouling or violating other rules.

Traveling and double dribble will not be called. If a child is running with the ball, the referee will stop the child, back them up and let them begin again and instruct them to dribble the ball as they move forward. 2nd grade boy's referee will correct the child by telling him to shoot or pass the ball. If the child then takes more than 3 steps, traveling will be called.

The defense can not touch the ball while the offensive player has control of the ball. Teach the children not to reach in and slap at the ball. If they do, the referee will stop play and return the ball back to the offensive player.

The defensive players can intercept passes, pick up loose balls, and get rebounds.

There is no double teaming the ball handler.

The defense can not pick up the ball handler until they reach half court.

Man to man defense should be taught -- absolutely NO ZONE!

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