Wham! Jam! Slam! Youth Basketball Association - Contact Information

Phone Contact Information
Phone: 602.513.9036 - Ann Forsgren (Registration and Questions)
Phone: 480.689.0151 (Text Only) - Sarah Aholelei (Registration and Questions)
Phone: 480.603.8322 - Shana Blixt (Practice times and places, Referee coordinator) - Do not contact about practice time until Oct. 1st.
Email Contact Information
President: Doug C. Forsgren (
Registration and Questions: Ann Forsgren (
Registration and Questions: Sarah Aholelei (
Practice & Referee Coordinator Youth Referees: Shana Blixt (
Director Information
Grades Name Email  
Kindergarten Sarah Aholelei  
Boys 1 Becky Holdaway  
Boys 2 Tanya Strong  
Boys 3 Regan Wright  
Boys 4 Keely Mattison  
Boys 5 Tanya Strong  
Boys 6 Sarah Aholelei  
Girls 1-2 Keely Mattison  
Girls 3-4 Becky Holdaway  
Girls 5-6 Regan Wright  
7th - 8th Grade Sarah Aholelei